Sample summaries

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Reference Published Title
EPRS 22/23 11 October 2022 Attainment Raising: A Toolkit

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EPRS 22/23 1 September 2022 Young (5-8) Children’s Reading in 2022/ Children’s and Young People’s Reading Engagement in 2022

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EPRS 21/22 101 July 2022 The Power of Music to Change Lives: A Plan for Music Education

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EPRS 21/22 91 June 2022 The Impact of the Introduction of Progress 8 on the Uptake of Qualifications in English Schools 2017-18 to 2019/20

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EPRS 21/22 85 May 2022 Analysis of Ofsted Inspection Outcomes by School Type

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EPRS 21/22 71 April 2022 Opportunity for All: Strong Schools with Great Teachers for your Child

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EPRS 21/22 65 March 2022 Grammar and Writing in England’s National Curriculum

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EPRS 21/22 57 February 2022 A Review and Evaluation of Secondary School Accountability in England: Statistical Strengths, Weaknesses, and Challenges for Progress 8 Raised by COVID-19

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EPRS 21/22 46 January 2022 What teachers do next after leaving and the implications for pay setting

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EPRS 21/22 45 January 2022 Asking more key questions of self-reflection

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EPRS 21/22 31 December 2021 The Annual Report of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services, and Schools, 2020-21

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EPRS 21/22 25 November 2021 Education in Times of Crisis: Effective Approaches to Distance Learning

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EPRS 21/22 23 November 2021 Supporting Students’ Reflective Capabilities Through Self-Reflective Shapes

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EPRS 21/22 11 October 2021 ‘I don’t like English, I don’t like writing’: A Case Study of EAL Learner Support in a Secondary School in England

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EPRS 21/22 5 September 2021 Researchful Practice in Early Years Settings

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