Sample summaries

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Reference Published Title
EPRS 23/24 1 September 2023 Balancing Act: Navigating the Tensions in our School System

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EPRS 22/23 108 July 2023 Empowering Educational Professionals to Create Strong Language Provision in Early and Primary School Settings

Download PDF (256KB)

EPRS 22/23 98 June 2023 1970s Working Conditions in the 2020s: Modernising the Professional Lives of Teachers for the 21st Century

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EPRS 22/23 81 May 2023 How Multi-Academy Trusts are Involved in School Inspections

Download PDF (239KB)

EPRS 22/23 78 April 2023 Assessment in England at a Crossroads: Which Way Should We Go?

Download PDF (271KB)

EPRS 22/23 63 March 2023 Asking Additional Key Questions of Self-Reflection

Download PDF (315KB)

EPRS 22/23 53 February 2023 What Works at Key Stage 4 in Terms of Improving GCSE Outcomes, Two or Three Years of Study?

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EPRS 22/23 41 January 2023 The Annual Report of His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services, and Schools, 2021-22

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EPRS 22/23 31 December 2022 A Return to Inspection: The Story (So Far) of Previously Exempt Outstanding Schools

Download PDF (236KB)

EPRS 22/23 30 November 2022 Understanding the Classroom: A Guide to Selecting Classroom Observation Tools

Download PDF (245KB)

EPRS 22/23 11 October 2022 Attainment Raising: A Toolkit

Download PDF (102KB)

EPRS 21/22 57 February 2022 A Review and Evaluation of Secondary School Accountability in England: Statistical Strengths, Weaknesses, and Challenges for Progress 8 Raised by COVID-19

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EPRS 21/22 45 January 2022 Asking more key questions of self-reflection

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EPRS 21/22 25 November 2021 Education in Times of Crisis: Effective Approaches to Distance Learning

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EPRS 21/22 23 November 2021 Supporting Students’ Reflective Capabilities Through Self-Reflective Shapes

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EPRS 21/22 11 October 2021 ‘I don’t like English, I don’t like writing’: A Case Study of EAL Learner Support in a Secondary School in England

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EPRS 21/22 5 September 2021 Researchful Practice in Early Years Settings

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