July 2024

Reference Title
EPRS 23/24 101 General election 2024: An analysis of manifesto plans for education

This report from the Education Policy Institute provides an independent, evidence-based assessment of the extent to which each of the main parties have committed to meeting challenges in the education system.

EPRS 23/24 102 PISA 2022 results: Creative minds, creative schools

This report from the OECD presents data from PISA’s first ever assessment of creative thinking which was taken by pupils in 66 countries.

EPRS 23/24 103 Fair opportunity for all

This report from The Sutton Trust gives an overview of the challenges facing all phases of education and sets out a roadmap for the incoming government to tackle these.

EPRS 23/24 104 Election briefing 2024

This report from the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) gives an overview of the challenges currently facing the higher education sector in the UK.

EPRS 23/24 105 Higher education finances: How have they fared and what options will an incoming government have?

This report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies examines the current financial health of the higher education sector.

EPRS 23/24 106 Student academic experience survey

The annual Student Academic Experience Survey from HEPI and Advance HE reports on all aspects of the student experience over the last academic year.

EPRS 23/24 107 CECIL (Coaching early conversations, interventions, and language): Final Report

This report from the Sutton Trust evaluates a range of projects which were carried out as part of the Coaching early conversations, interventions, and language (CECIL) programme.

EPRS 23/24 108 Mapping active civic learning in primary schools across England

This report, published in the most recent edition of the British Educational Research Journal, explores the concept of civic engagement in primary schools across England.

EPRS 23/24 109 The case for a smartphone ban in schools

This report from Policy Exchange revisits arguments for and against smartphone bans in schools and looks at the extent to which schools are enforcing bans.

EPRS 23/24 110 Teachers’ and young people’s use of generative AI to support literacy in 2024

This report from the National Literacy Trust explores and critiques the use and role of generative AI in children’s writing.

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