September 2023

Reference Title
EPRS 23/24 1 Balancing Act: Navigating the Tensions in our School System

This paper from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), in collaboration with the organisation Big, explores what academic evidence says about the changes which are needed in education.

EPRS 23/24 2 Education Priorities in the Next General Election

This report funded by the Nuffield Foundation and published by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) sets out the key education challenges which an incoming government will need to tackle.

EPRS 23/24 3 T-Level Thematic Review: Final Report

This report from Ofsted assess the implementation and delivery of the new T level qualifications.

EPRS 23/24 4 Coordinating Mathematical Success: The Mathematics Subject Report

This subject report from Ofsted builds on the earlier research review. It evaluates the common strengths and weaknesses of mathematics in recently inspected schools.

EPRS 23/24 5 Best start in life: a research review for early years

This report from Ofsted explores the factors that contribute to developing young children’s knowledge and skills in the 3 prime areas of learning in the early years foundation stage (EYFS).

EPRS 23/24 6 Because You’re Worth It: Are Vice-Chancellors worth the pay they get?

This debate paper from HEPI shines a spotlight on the controversial issue of university vice-chancellors pay.

EPRS 23/24 7 The Progression and Retention of Teach First Teachers

This report from the National Foundation for Educational Research analyses the progression and retention of Teach First teachers, compared to that of similar teachers who trained through other initial teacher training (ITT) routes.

EPRS 23/24 8 The Impact of the Teach First Training Programme on Schools and Pupils

This report from the National Foundation for Educational Research analyses the impact of Teach First teachers on schools and pupils.

EPRS 23/24 9 Cost of Living Crisis: Impact on Schools

This report from the National Foundation for Educational Research explores the impact of the recent cost of living increases on pupils, families, and schools.

EPRS 23/24 10 Social Mobility: The Next Generation

This report from the Sutton Trust is the first in a new series exploring the trajectories of high-ability disadvantaged pupils.

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